Walking on Water

"Walking on Water" by Mark Mabry. www.reflectionsofChrist.org

"Walking on Water" by Mark Mabry. www.reflectionsofChrist.org

I’ve been pondering one of the most famous accounts in the new Testament: When Christ and Peter walk on the water (Matt 14:22-33). In a moment of enviable confidence, Peter steps from the boat and walks towards the Savior. Soon distracted by the storm, wind and waves, fear displaces his faith and he begins to sink until he cries out and Christ takes him by the hand.

"Was this a win or a loss for Peter?" I asked my seminary students while recently studying the account.

They vacillated. “A little of both?” They hesitantly replied.

“This is a win!” I almost shout. At least that's how I see it. What were the other Apostles doing? Peter, perpetually made to look the fool for daring to say and do what all the other apostles were probably thinking, is a winner just for stepping from the boat; for believing that if Jesus can do the impossible, he can help Peter do the same!

Standing their in front of those young people awash in the modern world, I’m struck with how profoundly true it is that just by trying to live the gospel in the latter days, these kids are walking on water. Every person born to earth has stepped from the boat, especially every person striving to live the gospel while wading through such waves of sin and disbelief and leaning against such strong winds of temptation.

Trying to live the gospel is walking on water! Being distracted by the storm and beginning to sink is not a question of if but when. We all drown, except for a Savior willing and able to reach out and catch us when we cry out.

Such a powerful lesson. The Lord was there for him, just as He is there for you and for me. He reached out His hand and drew Peter to Him and to safety.

I have needed the Savior and the rescue of His hand so many times. I need Him now as never before, as does each of you. I have felt confident at times leaping over the side of the boat, figuratively speaking, into unfamiliar places, only to realize that I could not do it alone.
— Elder Ronald A. Rasband, April 2016

Walk the stormy sea. Stay focused on Christ. When the winds and the waves threaten everything, take his hand. There is no other way!