New Missionary Interview Questions

1. I'm excited about the new missionary interview questions. A lot of people have asked me if I have them; they're available to the public here. The standards for service haven't changed, but the new questions clarify what it means to be worthy and also provide opportunity to discuss mental, emotional, and physical fitness for the rigors of missionary work. These issues have always been important factors in potential missionary service but not always formally addressed. Should lead to more successful missionaries!

2. Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard are doing a Face to Face Q&A for young adults in November. I followed the link to this page where young people can submit their own questions. There are some great, sobering, questions here. I'm humbled by the myriad challenges people cope with and the courage, vulnerability, and faith these young people demonstrate. Can you imagine being one of the Apostles and trying to decide which of these questions to address?!