One of my goals on the blog is to share good stuff that I run into, both in and out of the Church. If you're interested in improving as a leader, may I recommend the website The site provides articles, lesson helps, and interviews all focused on sharing ideas and practices for leaders in the Church. Topics range from management and productivity to agenda design; from home teaching strategies to memorizing names. There is a lot of great material, both practical and spiritual.

My favorite feature is the podcast. The man behind the site, Kurt Francom, produces a regular podcast of his interviews with various leaders and experts on relevant topics. I've heard a lot of good ideas and received many personal impressions for my calling while listening. I recommend it. At the risk of blatant self promotion, I recently did an interview with Kurt for the podcast. If you'd like to hear me say "um" a lot and hear some of my guiding leadership principles along the way, you can give it a listen! Check it out @