Elder Ballard on Teaching Youth in the 21st Century

Elder M. Russell Ballard recently spoke at the annual "Evening With a General Authority" broadcast, initially delivered last month to all employees and volunteers within the Church Education System. If by chance you haven't seen it I highly recommend it, especially if you have anything to do with the young people of the Church.

The Seminary and Institute programs of the Church have shown a relentless commitment to prophetic priorities and constant improvement. Since I started teaching ten years ago, we have been repeatedly tasked with helping students be better prepared and more truly converted to the Gospel while they are young. We see the Lord hastening his work through developments such as the mission age change, more rigorous graduation requirements for Seminary and Institute, new doctrinal foundation courses in Institute, and the upcoming "Doctrinal Mastery" program announced by Elder Ballard in this talk.

To cope with the increasing spiritual opposition in the world, the Lord is asking the youth to do and become more than ever before. They are up to the task! Elder Ballard's talk is just one of many prophetic invitations to better prepare the youth to carry the Kingdom into the latter-days, but it gives a powerful glimpse into what the youth are facing and what the prophets are asking teachers, leaders, and parents to do.

Check it out!

You can watch or read the talk here.