As Now We Take The Sacrament

A short thought as we approach the sacrament on the Sabbath day.

In Remembrance of Me , by Walter Rane;

In Remembrance of Me, by Walter Rane;

During the sacrament prayers, the priest acts as voice for the entire congregation. Thus the plural pronouns throughout: "We ask thee...," "That they may...," "That he has given them..."

One simple way to increase the sacrament's power to draw me to the Savior personally is to review the prayers and replace those plural pronouns with personal, singular pronouns: "I ask thee...," "That I may...," "That he has given me..."

In October of 1995, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland taught:

“Perhaps we do not always attach that kind of meaning to our weekly sacramental service. How “sacred” and how “holy” is it? Do we see it as our passover, remembrance of our safety and deliverance and redemption?

With so very much at stake, this ordinance commemorating our escape from the angel of darkness should be taken more seriously than it sometimes is. It should be a powerful, reverent, reflective moment. It should encourage spiritual feelings and impressions...”
— Jeffrey R. Holland, This Do In Remembrance of Me, October 1995

Anything we do often is at risk of becoming meaningless ritual. Partaking of the Sacrament ought not be meaningless ritual.