Wondering what I'm doing here?

For a while now, I've been thinking about publicly sharing some of my thoughts and insights that come as I study the scriptures. As a bishop and a full-time seminary teacher, I spend a fair amount of time studying the scriptures. But in recent years I've found that my scripture study tends to be focused on teaching others, and that I've neglected to regularly turn to the scriptures for answers to my own questions and help with my problems. This neglect is a mistake. I believe the Savior's promise, "Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be opened unto you." But there's very little finding and opening if we aren't seeking and asking. 

This blog is an attempt to hold myself publicly accountable for that daily effort: not just to read the scriptures, but to study them with a purpose. I don't have any false notions of viral posts and mass life-changings because of what I write. I don't assume I have some special insight that everyone needs to hear, although it would not ruin my day if I found that my writing was enjoyable and worthwhile to others.

A few thoughts:

  • I'm not anxious to do a bunch of theorizing, to fuel fires of controversy, or to get out "ahead of the brethren" with predictions of the future or directions the church ought to head. My focus is on practical, day to day application of the scriptures. 
  •  I'm trying to hold myself accountable for daily study, and my posts reflect that. From time to time I may post long, carefully revised material, but my primary goal is to share a daily glimpse of my personal study. 
  • Anything I say of any eternal value has probably been said better by a prophet, ancient or modern, and I either forgot it or haven't found it yet. I'm not interested in stealing their teachings as my own. 
  • If anything I write is ever seen as fit to replace someone's actual study of the scriptures, I will be sad. 
  • If anything I write inspires someone to explore the scriptures more deeply and brings them closer to the Savior, I will be happy.  

And of course, please know that nothing I write represents in any way the official position of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This is all mine, and I will make mistakes and be wrong sometimes.